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When David Mitchell was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer in 2010, he was shocked to learn that the list price of the medicines that would keep him alive would cost $300,000 annually before insurance. Today the list price of those same drugs is over $1 million. David founded P4AD to serve as a counterweight to the pharmaceutical industry and what started as one person’s fight against an unjust system has become a movement of over 35,000 patients who have shared their stories demanding lower drug prices and changes to a system prioritizing corporate interests over patients.

Our advocates are the driving force behind our mission to make life-saving medications affordable for all. Through their tireless efforts, they have:

By becoming an advocate, you too can influence policymakers, educate the public, and help create a more equitable healthcare system.

You Can Drive Change

As a Patients for Affordable Drugs advocate, you’ll have the opportunity to: