Welcome to the Week in Review.

1. Court Deals Major Blow to AstraZeneca

2. Legislators Oppose Efforts To Undermine The Inflation Reduction Act

3. The High Cost Of Insulin

A new study published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice highlights the escalating financial burden faced by people managing diabetes. Researchers found that from 2009 to 2018, total costs associated with diabetes care increased, with people living with type 1 diabetes experiencing the most substantial rise in out-of-pocket expenses. “Studies show that the more a patient pays out-of-pocket, the less likely they are to stick with their medication long term, which poses a serious risk to their health,” said lead author Evan Reynolds.​​ Fortunately, the $35 monthly insulin copay cap for patients on Medicare in the Inflation Reduction Act has brought significant savings for patients. But, there’s more to be done to ensure everyone can access their insulin at prices they can afford. — (University of MichiganKFF

BONUS: new report from Protect Our Care found that in 2023, 16 of the largest drug companies reported a whopping $684 billion in earnings — ”a figure that is higher than the gross domestic product (GDP) of 88 percent of the countries in the world.” Remind us again how drug companies are hurting from the new drug pricing reforms?