Welcome to the Year in Review.

Over the last 12 months, our community has been at the forefront of amplifying patient voices in the fight to lower drug prices, fighting back against pharma lies, and advocating for bills that will increase competition and reduce patent abuses. From launching the Push for Competition with AARP alongside key allies to supporting the continued fight to ensure the successful implementation of the drug price provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act, our daily efforts have centered on uplifting patient voices and holding those in power to account so everyone in the United States can get the prescription drugs they need at prices they can afford. Highlights from the year include: 

1. Patient Advocates Celebrating the Popular Drug Price Reforms

2. Push For Competition Launch And Building Momentum

3.  Spanish Language Program Expansion

4.  Reports Driving Change

Meanwhile, keeping pace with the ongoing developments, here’s a snapshot of the latest events in the world of prescription drug pricing.

1.  Capping the Cost of Insulin

2.  Importing Rx From Canada