On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration cleared the way for Florida to become the first state in the country to import prescription drugs from Canada. The following statement was issued by Merith Basey, executive director of Patients For Affordable Drugs Now in response to the decision: 

“The FDA’s approval today of Florida’s plan to import cheaper prescription drugs is yet another reflection of the fact that drug prices in the U.S. are simply too high and Americans need relief. Unfortunately, state-by-state importation from Canada is not a workable solution for all of us who need lower prices. Canada can’t supply all our drug needs and the pharmaceutical industry won’t ship Canada enough drugs to turn around and send them to the U.S. The Canadian government is not going to send drugs to the U.S. if it creates shortages in Canada. We need workable federal solutions that will lower prices for everyone in the U.S. like expanded Medicare negotiation and reforms to stop drug company abuse of our patent system that blocks competition and keeps prices high for all of us. The Inflation Reduction Act was a historic start but there is more work to do. There are bipartisan bills in Congress right now that would move us forward and enjoy overwhelming public support.”