Welcome to the Week in Review.

1. Taking Aim At Soaring Drug Prices

2.  Enforcing Fair Drug Pricing

3.  Setting the Stage For Senate Health Care Package

BONUS: Not all patient groups are what they seem! This new report from Public Citizen shows the power of Pharma dollars at work and how they leverage patient groups to do their bidding including during the fight to pass the drug price reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act. Their actions keep prices high for patients. From the report; “if a patient advocacy group expresses doubts about a drug-pricing bill, that may have a greater impact. If a local advocacy organization publishes an op-ed in the member’s local paper, that will no doubt get a member’s attention. If a new controversial drug to treat a disease gets the ringing endorsement of the patient group representing those inflicted with the disease, that could carry great weight”. Bottom line: If you’re in bed with pharma, you’re not doing enough on drug pricing. To understand the influence of Pharma on a patient group see P4AD’s The Hidden Hand and the 2023 Update Hiding in Plain Sight. (KFF Health News

Have a great weekend!