Historic things happening this summer: BarbieNeopets relaunch, and Medicare releasing the names of 10 negotiated drugs. C’mon Barbie, time to check on your lower drug prices.  

Welcome to the Week in Review.

1.  Medicare Negotiation: Popular Provisions That Will Bring Relief 

 2.  Momentum Builds On PBM Reforms

3.  Continuing The Push For Competition

BONUS: It’s been almost a year since the Inflation Reduction Act passed and despite Big Pharma fear mongering, drug companies seem to be doing just fine! This week, Novartis announced a $15 billion share buyback and J&J published its quarterly earnings, which increased 6.3% for a total of $25.5 billion in sales. What was that about not enough money for R&D? 👀

Have a great weekend!