Patients’ lucky charm this year? The drug price reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act. Less gold in Big Pharma’s coffers and more in the pockets of the people. ?? 

Welcome To The Week In Review.

  1. Savings On The Way Thanks To The Inflation Reduction Act

 2. ? Two More Insulin Manufacturers Bend To The Pressure of Advocates ?

3. Patients Can’t Afford Prescriptions — And PBMs Aren’t Helping

Over one third of Americans say that cost has prevented them from filling a prescription they need, according to a survey published this week. Results showed a sharp discrepancy between men and women, with 43 percent of women saying they have skipped filling their prescriptions due to cost compared to 30 percent of men. One of the reasons patients face such high costs? Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). PBMs are supposed to negotiate lower drug prices on behalf of patients, but right now it appears that the middlemen pocket their undisclosed rebates from drug manufacturers as profit and leave patients suffering. “PBMs are largely unregulated – and no one really knows what kind of savings are being negotiated on patients’ behalf,” wrote Beverly Goodell, executive director of the Lupus Foundation of New England. We are glad Congressis taking on the issue, and we will keep fighting for PBM reform — along with other drug price reforms — until cost is no longer a barrier to accessing medications patients need. — (The HillPortland TribuneCommonwealth MagazineCitrus County Chronicle)

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