For the price of a month’s supply of blood cancer drug Revlimid, you could buy two tickets to the Super Bowl AND 11 tickets to Beyoncé’s upcoming Renaissance Tour.   

Welcome To The Week In Review.

  1. The State of Drug Price Reform

2. “Six Thousand A Month Would Ruin Us.”

3.   Bipartisan Senate Judiciary Votes To Lower Drug Prices

Déjà vu: Yet again, Bristol Myers Squibb/Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson hiked prices of two critical blood thinners in lockstep at the beginning of the year. In January, Eliquis’ price was hiked by 6 percent (from $529 to $560), and Xarelto’s was hiked by 5 percent (from $516 to $542). Check out our report from last year for a reminder of how drug companies use methods like “shadow pricing” — a practice that Senator Amy Klobuchar and Representative Katie Porter requested the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice investigate. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!