What. A. Year. Here’s a look back at this momentous moment in drug pricing.

Welcome To The Week In Review.

  1. History Was Made: A New Era For Drug Prices Beginsrs Of Congress Call Out Big Pharma For Covid Vaccine Price Gouging

2. Patient Advocates: The Backbone Of The Win

Image: The AP

3. Election Results: Votes For Lower Drug Prices

   4. Big Pharma Continued Hiking Drug Prices In 2022

5. Big Pharma Lost, Despite Spending Record Amounts On Lies

One more thing: Here at P4AD, we were thrilled to welcome Merith Basey as our new executive director! Her arrival came at a key moment when sweeping reforms to the U.S. drug price system became law and advocates are turning to other key policies to ensure patients and all of us here in the United States can afford the drugs we need. Check out these videos to get to know her better!

Have a great weekend, everyone!