After patients scored a huge goal against Big Pharma with passage of drug price reforms in the Inflation Reduction Act, things are looking Messi within the industry ⚽??

Welcome To The Week In Review.

  1. Members Of Congress Call Out Big Pharma For Covid Vaccine Price Gouging

2. Case Study: Death Sentence For Hepatitis C Patients In Prisons

3. Spotlight On AbbVie

One more thing: A reminder that the next two drug price provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act will go into effect next month. Starting January 1, Medicare beneficiaries will get their vaccines for free and patients on Medicare Part D will have their insulin copays capped at $35 monthly. We couldn’t be more excited for all the Inflation Reduction Act drug price reforms to be implemented. Patients like Brenda and Meg need relief from high drug prices.

Have a great weekend, everyone!