My name is Brenda and I am a retired Tucson police department detective and middle school science teacher. I am also a small business owner who sells specialty soaps and seasonal wreaths — in large part to help pay for the very expensive medications. I have asthma and am also allergic to both bee stings and latex. I am supposed to carry an EpiPen with me at all times to avoid hospitalization for my severe allergies. I am 66 years old and recently switched to Medicare. I can’t believe how expensive my EpiPens are on Medicare. Because of the price, I have a difficult time refilling my prescription. There have been times where I could not afford to carry an EpiPen and ended up hospitalized with anaphylactic shock after being exposed to latex. It is unfair that seniors like myself should have to worry as much as I do to afford our prescriptions. I shouldn’t have to spend my retirement praying that my small business sales go well so that I can finally purchase my EpiPen. It isn’t right.