“We Need Senator Manchin’s Support. His Vote Will Make The Difference For West Virginians. Please, Senator Manchin, Don’t Let This Moment Slip Away”

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Patients For Affordable Drugs Now launched a new radio ad today as part of its ongoing campaign in West Virginia. The ad highlights Senator Joe Manchin’s opportunity to deliver on his strong support for Medicare negotiation to lower drug prices for West Virginians by swiftly passing a reconciliation package that includes strong drug price reforms. The campaign includes a new 60-second radio ad and grassroots advocacy, in which patients call the senator directly thanking him for supporting Medicare negotiation and asking him to support the reconciliation package, including the current provisions that will lower drug prices for West Virginians.

“Patients have been waiting nearly 20 years for Medicare to be allowed to negotiate lower prices on their behalf. Right now, we are closer than we have ever been to closing a deal that would be historic in lowering drug prices for West Virginians and all Americans,” said David Mitchell, a patient with incurable blood cancer whose drugs carry a list price of more than $900,000 per year and founder of Patients For Affordable Drugs Now. “Big Pharma is doing everything in its power to block this from happening, and we need Senator Manchin’s support for a reconciliation package that includes provisions allowing Medicare to negotiate. Patients have waited too long; we can’t let this moment slip away.”  

The ad launches as the Senate reconvenes and continues negotiations around the reconciliation package. The drug price provisions under consideration will, for the first time, authorize Medicare to negotiate prices directly for some of the most expensive prescription medicines, including insulin; institute a hard cap on out-of-pocket drug costs for Medicare beneficiaries; and limit annual price increases to stop price gouging by drug corporations. 

“It makes no sense at all that we don’t go out and negotiate. The VA does a tremendous job. Medicaid does it. Why doesn’t Medicare?” Senator Manchin says in the radio ad. The voiceover adds, “We’ve never been so close. The plan in Congress could pass right now. But we need Senator Manchin’s support. His vote will make the difference for West Virginians. Please, Senator Manchin, don’t let this moment slip away.” 

Listen to the full radio ad here.

P4ADNow also released a new TV ad today in Washington, D.C., demanding that Congress include the previously negotiated reforms that lower drug prices in any final reconciliation package. All of P4ADNow’s recent ads can be viewed here.