WASHINGTON, D.C. — Patients For Affordable Drugs Now released a new video that exposes how Big Pharma’s recent multi-million dollar ad campaigns are full of lies about how Medicare negotiation would limit access to drugs. The 40-second video, featuring cancer patient and P4ADNow founder David Mitchell, explains that congressional Democrats’ plan to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices would increase access as drugs become more affordable. 

The video comes on the heels of Patients For Affordable Drugs’ new fact checkthat breaks down six false claims in pharma-funded ads, including misleading claims about the implications of repealing the non-interference clause and direct Medicare negotiation. 

Both the new video and the fact check debunk industry ads currently being run by PhRMA itself, Medicare Today, the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association, the American Conservative Union, and other industry-allied groups that total more than $18 million this year.

Read the video transcript below and watch the full video here


I have incurable cancer, and prescription drugs are keeping me alive. 

No one cares more about access to drugs than patients like me.

Big Pharma’s running ads saying the Democrats in Congress want to limit access to prescription drugs. 
It’s not true. 

High prices limit access to medications people need right now.

The Democratic plan would actually improve access by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices.

Nothing in the plan limits access to drugs. 

It’s another Big Pharma big lie. Don’t fall for it.