WASHINGTON, D.C. — Patients For Affordable Drugs Now released a new video that exposes how Big Pharma’s focus on lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs will only shift the way Americans pay for pharma’s high prices. The 30-second animated video explains that the only way to meaningfully lower what patients pay for prescriptions is to lower the list prices set by drug corporations. H.R. 3, a bill in the House of Representatives, would allow Medicare to negotiate directly on behalf of patients for lower prices and reduce what patients pay out-of-pocket for their medicines.

Read the video transcript below and watch the full video here.  
Voiceover transcript: 

Big Pharma says it wants to lower the costs we pay out-of-pocket for drugs.

But if we take less money out of this pocket without lowering list prices…

Pharma will take more money out of that pocket by way of higher premiums and taxes.

The only way to lower the actual cost is to lower the list prices set by Big Pharma.

H.R. 3 will lower drug prices and lower out-of-pocket costs for Americans.

With H.R. 3, patients keep more money in their pockets.