Whatever the outcome on Tuesday, this election has made one thing clear yet again: Voters care deeply about taking on drug corporations and bringing down the price of prescription drugs.

This cycle, in an unprecedented way, candidates, political parties, and independent expenditure campaigns spent time and money talking about rising prescription drug prices and promising to fix the broken system. Candidates on both sides of the aisle made promises to bring down drug prices — with good reason. Lowering drug prices is a winner in polling, among voters at the kitchen table, and for the economy.
Take a look for yourself. 

POLLING demonstrates the power of lowering drug prices.

CANDIDATES put their time and money behind ads and talking points promising to lower drug prices.

LAWMAKERS pay a political price for betting on Big Pharma. Outside entities believe ties to drug corporations are toxic and spent millions this cycle defining candidates as in the pocket of Big Pharma.

VOTERS want to hear about plans to lower drug prices.