SAINT PAUL, MN — A Minnesotan hurt by skyrocketing drug prices will share his story at the state house today as he testifies before the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division Committee in support of HF 3228, a bill that would allow the state to investigate and address excessive drug costs.

Travis Paulson lives with type 1 diabetes and will explain to the committee how the rising price of insulin forced him to ration his medication, severely impacting his health. Paulson knows he is not alone and is testifying to encourage the legislature to take action on behalf of all Minnesota patients suffering under the crushing cost of insulin and other prescription drugs.

“By the time I was 30… my insulin cost $300 a vial; for me, that was $1,500 a month to survive… My health is what ultimately paid the price… years of rationing insulin has caused long-term complications that never would have occurred if I had access to affordable insulin,” Paulson will testify. “…We cannot allow Big Pharma to get away with pricing drugs out of reach for our families. I strongly urge everyone in this room to support HF 3228.”

To help patients across Minnesota, Paulson will ask lawmakers to support HF 3228, the Prescription Drug Affordability Act. The bill would:

Paulson will testify at 9:45 AM CT today before the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Division Committee.