WASHINGTON, D.C. — Big Pharma is at it again. On Wednesday, the drug lobby will roll out its objections to the proposed HHS Part B Demonstration. During a media briefing at its Washington headquarters, PhRMA is sure to pull out all the tired scare tactics: “socialized medicine,” ‘‘reducing access,” “interference in the doctor/patient relationship,” “rationing,” and other well-worn claims from its playbook.

Here are three questions for PhRMA and a fact check ahead of the media briefing:

3 Questions for PhRMA

  1. Since the only way patients would receive worse care is if drug companies withhold drugs from Medicare, are PhRMA member companies willing to withhold drugs while being paid 126 percent more than other countries?
  2. What are two proposals PhRMA supports to lower the list price of drugs? Not PBM reform or Medicare policy changes. How is PhRMA willing to lower drug prices, since drug companies collect 66 percent of Part D drug spending and an even higher share of Part B spending?
  3. If high prices are necessary for quality care, how does PhRMA account for thesuperior outcomes and life expectancy in international countries despite lower prices for prescription drugs?

FACT CHECK: PhRMA’s False Claims About the Medicare Part B

MYTH #1: The Part B demonstration will restrict access to lifesaving drugs.

MYTH #2: The Part B demonstration will establish drug prices that are impossibly low — damaging drug companies and hurting our health system.

MYTH #3: The demonstration will result in worse care for patients. The government should not replace a market-based system with government price setting.

MYTH #4: Americans do not support the Part B proposed changes.