“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” –– How Americans feel when reacting to the price of prescription drugs.

1. We have been saying this all along

Drug pricing is important. Voters care. — (Forbes)

2. MEMO: Investigate the insulin cartel

Physicians asked the FTC to investigate insulin price hikes. Three companies hold a oligopoly over insulin, which has tripled in price. — (The Hill)

3. Outgunned, Outmanned, Outnumbered, (but not) Outplanned

There are more pharmaceutical lobbyists than lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This year, lobbyists are on track to break their own spending record, with more than $21 million spent. –– (NYT

4. States take matters into own hands

Instead of waiting for Big Brother to get the job done, state lawmakers have taken matters into their own hands –– turning drug prices into a signature local campaign issue. — (STAT

5. Worse for women

Women use therapeutic drugs at a higher rate than men and are more likely to be single parents, so they’re most impacted by the high costs of prescription drugs.  — (Ms. Magazine)