A greedy drug company CEO incites a mass cringe. States keep pushing for change. And a Big Pharma CEO’s political ads play fast and loose with the facts.

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing! 

1. We guess ‘morality’ means different things to different people

A CEO expresses his belief that it is a “moral requirement” to charge patients high prices for a drug from the 1950s. I’m sorry, what? — (CNN

2. No one believes in the system

Alex Azar isn’t counting on pharma to rein in drug costs. He’s taking action. Same here.— (Business Insider

3. Anybody out there remember submitting a 340B comment?

Some patients who sent comments opposing 340B don’t remember sending the comments at all. Half of the thousands of comments were sent anonymously. Hmm… — (Kaiser Health News)

4. Big Pharma: kicking and screaming to keep prices high

States like Maryland, Nevada, and California have been trying to pass laws that will challenge high drug prices, as they have become a huge financial strain on state budgets. — (Fierce Healthcare

5.  Fact Check!

As the New Jersey senate race between Bob Hugin and Bob Menendez heats up, a reporter puts ad claims under the microscope. — (STAT