“Justice Dept. Investigating Claims That Drug Companies Funded Terrorism in Iraq.” That’s an actual headline in The New York Times this week. Also, Congress pushes for Medicare negotiations and an eye-opening look at patent games that cost patients.

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing.

1. Deep pockets, dark motives

After squeezing America for more profits, PhRMA’s reached into its deep pockets and pulled out piles of cash to throw at political activities. — (NYT

2. Let Medicare negotiate

Claire McCaskill says it will save $3 billion. Mark Meadows says he’s having conversations about the policy change. Medicare negotiations get another look. — (Washington Examiner & The Hill)

3. Investigation underway

The Justice Department is investigating claims that Big Pharma money was used to underwrite terrorism in Iraq. –– (NYT

4. Big Pharma, sky-high profit margins

The most disliked industry in America is the most profitable sector in health care. — (Axios)

5. Overpatented, overpriced

From the patent activists over at I-MAK, a new report that shows how excessive pharmaceutical patenting is extending monopolies and driving up drug prices. — (I-MAK)