Kim K blessing precedes price hikes. Transparency pays in Cali. And did we mention a new super duper PAC?

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing!

1. Just keeping up with the Kardashians’ drug sales

Kim K pushed a morning sickness pill, got a half mil, and the drugmaker bumped the list price. Oh, come on. — (STAT

2. Elsewhere in California…

The impact of a new drug pricing transparency law ripples throughout the land. — (Bloomberg

3. Pfizer thrashed, backtracks

Pfizer backed off of hikes because President Trump tweeted. Yeah, OK. But not exactly a long-term solution. — (NYT)

4. ? ? ?

Donut holes, medicare cliffs, and a shady PhRMA ad buy. — (STAT)

5. Look, ma, a patient-powered super PAC!

Patients revolt! — (NBC)