Drug prices crush seniors with rationed pill stashes. Sen. Claire McCaskill sends the Sunshine Act to CrossFit classes. And dry eye patent rental gives judges whiplash.

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug prices!

1. Skimping not saving

Seniors aren’t filling prescriptions as often, and they’re being crushed by drug prices nonetheless. — (Associated Press)

2. Will the Sunshine Act hit the gym?

Sen. Claire McCaskill wants to strengthen the Sunshine Act. Now, a federal database launched in 2014 reports payments drug and device makers make to physicians. The lawmaker’s bill would additionally require drug makers to report payments made to patient advocacy groups and professional societies. Sounds good to us! — (STAT)

3. Resurrection

The CREATES Act is back from the dead — again, maybe. The long-stalled measure with wide bipartisan support would bring generic drugs to market faster and lower drug prices. Sadly, it’s being used in a weird, complex game of donut hole dodgeball. — (STAT)

4. Remember the time…

Remember that one time Allergan tried to skirt patent law by selling its patents on the dry eye drug Restasis to an American Indian tribe? In case you forgot, here’s where the case stands and a brief history of the company’s nefarious moves. — (Bloomberg)

5. Hike one, Hike two

Bayer Pharmaceutical just hiked the list prices of two cancer drugs more than $1,000 per month. It’s the second price increase for the two drugs in six months. Those private CEO flights and steak dinners don’t pay for themselves. — (Washington Post)