Pharma drinks from both sides of the trough. The little-known trick Medicare beneficiaries can use to save cash. And a CVS insider blows the whistle on a major alleged rip-off.

Welcome to the week in review in prescription drug pricing!

1. Both sides of the trough

As taxpayers we all pay for research into new drugs at the National Institutes of Health. Then we all pay again when we buy the drugs. — (NYT

2. (Don’t) gag me

Medicare beneficiaries might score a better deal for prescriptions if they ask for the cash price — but they have to know to ask. — (NPR)

3. Doing just fine

Those health care CEOs. Just fine. — (AP)

4. Let Gottlieb be your guide

The commish furnishes guidance to make it easier for generics to enter the drug market. But we still need Congress to pass CREATES. — (FierceHealthcare

5. We will watch this suit carefully!

If CVS whistleblower claims are true, it explains why PBMs prefer secrecy.  — (WKYC3)

Have a great weekend, everyone!