In New York, a panel makes a play to lower the cost of a charity-funded Vertex drug. Big Pharma’s shirt buttons pop off after it gorges itself on prescription drug price increases. And there’s this great new way to treat cancer that’s so expensive, the system can’t figure out how to pay for it.  
Welcome to the Week in Review!
1. Not having it

In the first test of a new law designed to lower drug prices, a New York panel said NOPE to Vertex Pharmaceutical’s $272,000 price tag for Orkambi. The state is demanding a rebate on the high-priced cystic fibrosis drug. If negotiations on the rebate fail, New York will attempt to get an explanation into the drug price. — (STAT

2. Big Pharma’s Q1 profit haul soars, despite big talk on lowering drug prices

People are suffering as the industry makes its killing, despite big talk that prices will come down. — (Axios)

3. The million dollar cancer treatment no one knows how to pay for

And that’s a big problem for cancer patients who only want to stay alive. A lower list price would mean greater access. — (MSN)

4. The forever burden

A patient with Crohn’s describes the trifecta of taxes — on her emotions, her time and wallet — as she comes to terms with the fact she needs a med worth tens of  thousands of dollars a year, for life, to feel fully human. — (Philly Enquirer)  

5. Pro or con?

Patients rely on co-pay assistance, but so do pharmaceutical corporations, to extract maximum profits from patients, consumers and taxpayers, a cost we all bear. This deep dive is worth your time. — (USA Today

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