What is P4ADNOW?

What We’re About

Patients For Affordable Drugs Now is a bipartisan national patient organization fighting to lower drug prices.

The Facts

Here’s Why It


42% of all cancer patients deplete their entire net worth within two years of starting treatment. (Source: The American Journal of Medicine, 2018)

Abbvie makes more money on Humira than the revenue of every NFL team combined. (Source: SEC Gov, 2018)


25% of diabetes patients report rationing insulin due to cost. (Source: JAMA, 2018)

Multiple Sclerosis patients pay 20 TIMES more for drugs now than they did a decade ago. (Source: University of Michigan, 2019)

The Latest



“I have enjoyed how professional yet down to earth the Patients For Affordable Drugs Now team is. I could feel like my voice was being heard. I really feel that they are making a difference. I really do.”
— Pam Holt Granger, Indiana
“My experience with Patients For Affordable Drugs Now has been very exciting. Working with the team and being able to be part of something so important has been unforgettable. The highlight for me was being able to meet my senator to share my story and discuss the affordability of drugs. This mission is critical and I encourage everyone to share their story.”
— Luz Lopez Phoenix, Arizona
“Patients For Affordable Drugs Now has given me the opportunity to have my voice heard by legislators. Most know there’s a problem with drug pricing. Most don’t know the extent of it – but when they hear my family’s example, how we’re being charged $85,000 a year for a drug that’s $800 a year overseas – they learn, and are hopefully driven to solve the problem.”
— Keith Van Houten Howell, Michigan